Services - Covid-19 update

We are pleased to announce that from Sunday 5th July, we will reopen for services with a weekly service of Holy Communion every Sunday at 10am.

However, to keep clergy and congregation safe, new measures will be in place - please read the guidance note prepared by Fr. Timon and Fr. David below and familarise yourself with what to expect.

Dear Friends


We intend that St. Dunstan’s Church will open for the first time after Lockdown for public services, on Sunday 5th July 10.00am with Holy Communion and a celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.  

We are aware that many of you may have concerns, so we are setting out below what we intend to do.  Please do follow the Government guidelines or your doctor's advice when making your decision as to whether it's safe for you to come to church.


When you arrive, you will notice there are changes in Church:

  • A “one way system” – with entry through the main door and exit by the door adjacent to the hall.  Disabled access remains through the door adjacent to the hall.

  • On entry you are expected to use hand sanitiser (your own, or that which we have provided)

  • We are observing the 2 metre rule as we have several vulnerable members of the congregation and we have a duty to safeguard all the Church members.  

  • You will notice that the chairs are spaced mostly to seat two in a row, but we also have larger groups of chairs to enable families living in the same house to sit together.   

  • Please go to the seats as directed on the day.  As far as possible we will be filling seats from the front to the back to minimise the need to pass close by anyone else.   It is likely that you will not be sitting in your normal space.

  • Please note that there will be no children’s play areas.  Children are welcome to bring small toys but must stay in their family group.  

  • Also note that the “Order of Service” books will not be used.

  • There will not be singing, so no hymn books.  

  • No handshakes in the peace. 

  •  And please, No sharing hugs or kisses on entry or exit either. 


For Communion

Father Timon and Father David will wear face coverings and will sanitize their hands (and may wear gloves). They will administer the Holy Communion in one kind only from the Altar step.  (Please do not kneel at the altar rail).   Church Wardens will guide you, to receive your Holy Communion.  The bread will be placed into your hand.  There will not be wine.

After the service

  • After the service, you will be directed one row at a time from the back, to leave by the door to the hall, where you can chat and catchup with each other while maintaining social distancing. Please do not stand around in the church anywhere for catching up with each other.

  • Please note that refreshments will NOT be served                                           


Additional Guidance


  • You DON'T have to wear a face covering it is up to you it is not mandatory.                      

  • Please use your own sanitiser or what is provided on entering and leaving the church.        

  • Please bear with us as we have a duty of care to everyone who enters the church as we are all vulnerable in our own way.  Our arrangements will be kept under review and will be adjusted if necessary.


Register of attendance for COVID 19 purposes only


The Government has advised that we should keep registers of attendance for 21 days after each church use to support the Test and Trace programme by Public Health England.  For regular members of the congregation for whom we have contact details this will be recorded by observation by a Churchwarden or other authorised individual.  The record will be locked in the safe and destroyed by shredding after 21 days.


The authorised person will ask visitors for the name of one member of any group (or individual) and a contact number or e mail address.  This will be noted on the register and destroyed after 21 days.


Thank you, take care, keep safe and God bless. 


Fr. Timon Singh & Fr. David Riley

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